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I've been born and brought up in a business background where my father is a manufacturer of fabrics. From a very young age, I always took a very keen interest in knowing the intricacies of creating a fabric, of different textile by understanding the warp and wept yarn processed together to create beautiful quality fabrics.


He is my early inspiration to plant the seeds in me. He would take my opinions every now and then and give me some valuable feedback. This helped me to learn variety of colour range , bright and pastels , summary and festive. As I grew in this atmosphere at home my dad knew, by now I already had the flair for texture, colours, different blends .Being the eldest daughter he always treated me like a boy to him, and he would always ask my opinion and suggestions for his new creation . He would explain how one has to feel the fabric texture and understand its yarn category. He would burn the fabric with the matchstick and show me when the fabric has not the right yarn, then how it burns. Small things like these which helped me understand things deeper about Textiles.


You heard only one part of my learning. Still more to come. now I had deep understanding of fabrics . Next comes to create beautiful garments out of fabrics.  Always curious to learn about different varieties of craft.  I learned from no one other than my Mom. She is a super mom. Exceptionally talented and creative. She would create dresses for me and my sisters out of shirting and shooting fabrics, which is known as the shirt fabrics and the pant fabrics.She's is talented with many skills, but doing intricate variety of different embroidery’s was her deep passion. In no time that turned my deep passion too. My parents are my inspiration, my teacher , my fashion institute. Art and Craft became my cookies and candies. Always curious to learn more in different variations of craft. I did stocking flowers, satin flowers, clay statues, clay frames, glass tissue paintings, cross-stitching frames and many more.


As years passed by I realized fashion has become a part of me.I always had this deep desire to make every woman look beautiful inside, outside without being conscious about their skin, their body size or their age. So, I always look forward to design styles Keeping a vast community of women  who also wishes to dress and look stylish and beautiful enough. 


Jajobaa creations of styles are ever green and long lasting.. I have Clients who have been holding onto outfits and wearing them even after 13 years since its purchase.

Desginer Jyoti Parents.png


I can now say my parents were responsible for sowing the seed in my mind which eventually made me become a Fashion Entrepreneur which led me into creating Jajobaa. 


My first realization happened during my first exhibition in Mumbai. Just for fun and creativity I decided to do an exhibition with few garments . And to my shock and surprise, my new collection got sold out.

After that every show I was doing I was getting almost sold out. I started doing bigger shows and exhibitions then.


And this is when I launched my clothing line jajobaa so that I could reach out to more women through other means and not just by doing shows. 


To be a household name in India when it comes to Women's Indian fashion Clothing.


To make every woman look beautiful inside, outside without being conscious about their skin, their body size or their age.


  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Sincerity

  • Optimum Quality in Products and Services

  • Respect

  • Continuous learning and Elevating


To have Jajobaa Flagship stores across India and outside.​


I always get to hear this question. Was your Entrepreneur journey complicated as a Woman? So if you are here, reading this and wondering the same then here is what I have to say about that.


It's not complicated till the time you get sorted in your head. Otherwise, everything is complicated. Even being a housewife I feel is complicated if you are not sorted in the head but if you are sorted there then I think every business that you do, every business of your life becomes very easy and very smooth.


Even after having a cook I get up pretty early to make variety of Cuisine for my son's tiffin. I leave the store at 7.30 PM so that I can make something fancy for him at home. I don’t have to do all that but these are the things that gives me happiness as well. So I have learned to balance my mind and my life.


Any age group, any body type, any skin colour can enter my store being sure completely they will have some value added before they step out of my store. There will always be something for each of them. And most of the time they all get what they are looking for.


I have had multiple clients who have gone shopping for days all over the town looking for what they required. But finally ended up buying what they required and they love once they came to my store.

They usually find what they are looking for within few minutes. They feel as if they have got a treasure and they leave the store with so much happiness.


In jajobaa store you can find your fit as I have variations from Extra Small to Triple XL. If you do not find then we will also exclusively create a custom fit for you. Like I said earlier, very few stores do this in India and Jajobaa is one of the few.

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