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Breezy delicate pieces in soft greens and whites mirroring the works of nature and a secret little artist.

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Worried that designs may not fit you?. 

We have that sorted out for you. Most of our products are designed to fit. However if you want us to do a custom design and fit get in touch.


We will make something unique and special exclusively for you.

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Jyoti Garodia

I am Jyoti Garodia an Indian Fashion Designer..


Jajobaa is my 17 year old nurtured fashion brand that specializes in Women's Fusion Indian wear.  Jajobaa was created in 2006 driven by my passion to create women’s clothing which will make them feel beautiful irrespective of age, color, or size.


I can confidently say Jajobaa is one of the few stores in India which makes clothing for all sizes, Right from Extra Small to Triple XL. Not just that Jajobaa also creates exclusive clothing designs which are made to fit.


To get here and for Jajobaa to be one of the premium Brands in our country it's been quite a journey....


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